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's parliament, kerry promised a billion dollar loan guarantee designed to ease the sting of energy costs. officials traveling with kerry had voiced concern that russian president vladimir putin who last week sent tens of thousands of forces may be preparing for a larger invasion of eastern ukraine. putin himself looking relaxed at a state res dnls outside moscow held a rare news conference in which he suggested any such broader invasion would be a last resort but well within russia's right because they have received approval by yanukovych. >> even if i take a decision to use armed force, it would be legitimate, in the norms of international law, and in this case, it would also correspondent to our interest in protecting the people who are closely tied to us historically, culturally, economically. >> kerry has emphasized the u.s. wants to de-escalate the crisis, responding to putin's comments. >> he really denied there were troops in crimea? >> yes, he did. >> i have spoken directly to president putin today as i can. it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of
, angela merkel of germany said she wasn't keen on the idea. a lot of energy flows from russia and through russia into western europe, to ukraine and other places as well. it will be a test of the president to see, you know, whether he can rally the international community, as he's fond of calling it, to actions that will matter to vladimir putin. >> to all the talk of feckless international policy and the inability to do anything about this and they're not looking at military options, there are still levers this administration can pull, as you mentioned, the g-8, other economic levers, freezing bank account, that could have a significant impact. >> yeah, john kerry was even talking about some of them. these things matter. look, we saw the country, even as isolated a country as iran was crippled by sanctions. i'm not saying that we're capable of doing the same thing with russia, but it is an example of what these kinds of financial sanctions can do. they can make people within the country feel it, and the country as a whole feel it. russia's economy is not great. and it needs trade with na
sparked criticism from republican house energy and commerce subcommittee chairman joe pitts who called that move outrageous. complaints about obamacare from many different people are nothing new. to hear some top democrats tell it, all of those obamacare horror stories are just made up. chief national correspondent jim ingle on a number of real people with real stories about how the law has hurt them. >>> senate majority leader harry reid managed to ignite a fire storm by accusing those who complain of canceled policies and higher rates under obamacare a flat out lie. >> plenty of horror stories being told, all are untrue, but they're told all over america. >> senator reid pointed to ads run by the koch brother, but his remarks went further, questioning the truth of all complaints, quoting "new york times" columnist paul krugman. >> paul krug mlg writes, republicans are just making this stuff up. >> and today, white house spokesman jay carney backed him up. >> reporters have discovered that in fact the circumstances are not as they're being presented by either outside groups or republi
illuminated the dawn of the cold war. now vladimir putin, his nation is rich in energy reserves as weapons aim to restore russia to the power status they reserved in the soviet union. kerry who acknowledged the russians have intentions to protect. >> i want to be realistic. this is hard, tough stuff. and very serious moment. but i would rather be where we are today than where we are yesterday. >> even more than that illusive meeting with the russians, what the ukrainians really need right now is cash. that appeared to come in the form of a $15 billion pledge of aid from the european union which will take the form of loans, grants, and investments over the next few years. traveling with the secretary of state in paris, james rosen. >>> up next, the key figure in the irs targeting scandal takes the fifth again. but first, here's what's some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 6 in orlando with the latest on the pregnant woman who drove a van with three kids into waters off daytona beach. bystanders came to the rescue there. the mom is undergoing a mental evaluation
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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